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Drive 'em safely - Two Tools Tuesday

Spencer Lake Kids Camp is next week, and I'm thinking and praying about our campers getting to camp safely.  
Safety is important.  Campers get to camp anyway they can.  They come in cars, buses, vans, trucks, even on motorcycles.  It's such a joy to see them get to camp.  The saddest sight is seeing the bus leave on Friday.  I watch them go down the road and can't wait to see them get back next year.   
As I see the buses, cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles drive away I always say a little prayer.  "God get 'em home safely to their families.  Let them be a blessing in their hometowns."  
There are two resources that I want to make you aware of that may be helpful as you get kids safely to camp.   They are videos that I found to be helpful as well.  Church Mutual Insurance produced these.  You might recognize a few sites throughout Wisconsin as you watch the videos.

The Road To Safer Transportation

This video should be something that you require your drivers to watch


Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection


These are useful tools to review and make sure that your drivers are keeping your kids safe.

We all want to see kids have a great time at camp. It starts by getting them here safely.



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Friday, 24 January 2020