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Two Tools Tuesday 1_10_18


In starting the new year I had a couple of thoughts about starting the year right.  Of course, prayer is one way to start the year right.  In church, we have started with a week of prayer.  It is a great emphasis.  I know many of these saints who are part of this concerted prayer effort don't just pray during this one week.  They are ready to pray every week.

Although this is not a tool, we should be utilizing and mobilizing the efforts of these prayer warriors.  

So here are the tools or ideas for today.



1.  Kidmin Prayer Team


There are men and women in our churches who maybe can't help in kidmin on Sundays, but they are willing to help throughout the year by praying for your kids and ministry.   Maybe they are older and don't have the energy needed for preschoolers, but they can pray.  We all need prayer covering and support.  When people pray for your ministry they hear from God.  They get a heart of compassion for the kids.  They become advocates for what God is doing in the kids ministry.   

Every time there is an event, mobilize the prayer team with information about the upcoming event.  They will pray.  When I bought one of my vehicles a few years ago I opened the gas tank cover and inside the cover was a round sticker.  It just said every time you are filling your car with fuel, take a moment and pray for the organization that sponsored the sticker.  What a great idea.  You could give all of your prayer team one of these stickers and encourage them to place them inside their gas tank cover.  

This leads me to the second tool for Two Tools Tuesday




2.  Club 52


Club 52 is an idea I have implemented at a couple of churches.   This is a club for people who want to be advocates for the kids ministry.   These are men and women who again may not be regular parts of the kids ministry and yet they may be.  They agree that for 52 weeks they will pray for the kids ministry and they will partner with the kids ministry by supporting the ministry.   How do they do that?  Of course through prayer, but then they can also participate by agreeing to give $1 dollar a week for the year.   In the end, they will give $52.  Most people just make out a check once.  With those funds I let them know that we will use them for outreach to kids in your community and help kids get to events like Kids Blast and Kids Camp.  When people know they are helping with those events, they are often very happy to help out.  Then about once a quarter I would send them out a newsletter letting them know about our needs in the kids ministry so they can pray.    The commitment is for one year.   After the year you can start again.   I think it helps to do it starting in January.   Especially during the week of prayer.  

And this being Wisconsin and we are surrounded by Clay Mattews jerseys, it would help to promote your Club 52 by wearing that around when you ask people to join the club.  

One thing you will want make certain of however is that your senior pastor is on board.  I don't see this being an issue, but others might want to use this idea for their ministry and it could become an issue.  So tack and partnership may be a good idea.   


I can't think of anything so important as bathing your ministry in prayer.   Get people involved.   Let them share the blessing.  I know their hearts will be changed and I know it will make a difference in your ministry.  People will be seeking God on your ministries behalf.  When their heart is in it they will be proactive to see you effectively reach the kids of your community.   


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