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Two Tools Tuesday - 11_28_17


It's another Two Tools Tuesday and I have been thinking about this next tool all through the Thanksgiving Holiday.  



The first item I want to mention is RIGHTNOW MEDIA.  This is a great option for offering to your leaders and parents great kidmin videos.   This is a virtual video library for the entire church to utilize in discipleship.  There are great book studies available.  Nearly every popular Christian teaching book has a companion video in the library.  It is a gift that you can give to your families and leaders.  It is a great way to have a leaders bookstudy.  Give everyone a book and then have them watch the videos at home or at the church.  Leaders can watch the lessons online, on a smart tv on their phone, on a Roku device.  It is widely accessible.  

Then there is the Kidmin portion.  Nearly every Christian kid's series is available.  The boys in my Royal Rangers class get to watch about once a quarter an animated Bibleman video.  It is only about 12 minutes long and they love it. 

The material is customizable for your church and I think it is a great option.

For a monthly fee everyone in your church gets free access to the video library.  Watch this video for a quick explanation.

Check out all the options at:



I travel to a number of kids churches throughout our network and see so much creativity.  Sometimes some of the great creative material I see is the use of pop culture video clips.  These are clips for TV and movies that kids are already talking about.  Many of these clips are downloaded from Youtube and shown in the church.  One thing I would urge caution about is using video clips and/or whole videos without a presentation license for the church.  Maybe you have a movie night at the church.  You should have a video license.  With a Church Video License, you can legally show videos in your church.  The resource that we utilize is CVLI.  

They have two packages.  One is the Producer Package that covers over 1,000 studios and producers.  They also have a cheaper package that covers only Christian studios and producers.  With your license, they have something called ScreenVue.   They give you over 7,000 video clips that are packed with ideas and cover themes that save you time looking for that perfect illustration.  They package it all.  You start with your theme and use their search engine and you can download a clip right from their site.  The great thing is the clip is licensed and you don't have to worry about wondering about your legality.  It is really nice.  

Check it out at:




FINISH STRONG - 11-23-17


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