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This week in TWO TOOLS TUESDAY I want to focus on two productivity tools that I am currently utilizing and find helpful in specific situations.




The first tool I want to mention is  Doodle makes scheduling meetings a snap.  Instead of going back and forth with emails with everyone telling you what days they can't meet, doodle lets you poll your participants and find out what day works best for everyone.  You can see in real time what the best day/time is for your meeting.  It really works well and is quick to set up

Screen Shot 2017 12 19 at 12.40.25 PM


I've used it to find out peoples preferences for outings during our Kidmin retreat.  You can be creative.  You can make a quick poll for most anything you want.  There are other tools out there and I am also partial to Survey Monkey.  But this is great.  It is quick and it looks great.  In Kidmin it is a great way to set up meetings with your leaders.  Your leaders don't need an account and it will integrate with most calendars that are out there.  I use it and I like it.  There is an app for android and IOS.  It is slick and quick.

If anything I wish it had more bells and whistles.  But for the graphical feedback it is good.  

Check it out at

I give 3 hearts out of five.

three heart

survey monkey 520x200

The next tool that I use when I'm not using doodle to poll people is Survey Monkey.  They have sooo many tools to make a great survey.  Founded in 1999 they have been around a while and they claim to be the largest free survey tool on the internet.  I don't know that for sure.  But I do know they offer a pretty good free plan.

For free you can send out professional surveys, get great looking results and data and share the results easy enough.  For free you can send out an unlimited number of surveys to 100 people or less.  That is pretty good and for many kidmin purposes that is all you need.   

With the free plan, you can set up surveys with 10 questions or less.  That again is a great number.  Who likes to sit and fill out really long surveys?   With the paid plans, of course, there are more bells and whistles and in total transparency, I've never found the need to have a paid account.   

There are mobile apps for Android and IOS and this is a great way to track your results or even set up an on the fly survey.   

And unlike doodle, there are over 13 question types and over 40 short survey templates come with the free account.  You can insert video and image questions, you can create rating questions, you can create quizzes, matrix questions, you can randomize questions.  It is a robust tool.  

So in the spirit of Two Tool Tuesday, I've created a two-question survey on Survey Monkey.  (actually, it's three questions) You can take the survey at:

Survey Monkey is great.  I give it 4.5 hearts.


Two Tools Tuesday 12_26_17


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