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Two Tools Tuesday 12_26_17


It's getting close to the new year and it is that time when New Year's resolutions become a part of everyone's thoughts.  In the next couple of Two Tools Tuesday's I will be focusing on tools for the new year.  One of the resolutions I make every year is to read the Bible through the year.  I also like to explore new devotional guides for the year.   For this Two Tools Tuesday, I am going to focus on two Bible apps.  Both are by the same organization but serve two different clientele.  



The Bible App

The first tool is the YouVersion Bible App.  It can be downloaded for your phone, for your tablet or your computer.  I use the app every week and love it.  You can take God's Word with you where ever you take your devices. It is a free app and it is free from ads.   It has been installed on nearly 300 million devices.  That is a lot of devices.   I install it on nearly every device I have.   As a leader for kids, you can't teach from what you don't know and what you don't experience yourself.   God's Word needs to be the source of which we understand God and communicate His love to others.    

Here are a few things I really like about the app:

1.  Bible Versions - Pick your favorite version of the bible and download it to your device.  Regardless of whether you have internet or not,

you can read God's word on your favorite device in the version you prefer.

2.  Devotionals/ reading plans - There are hundreds of devotionals and or reading plans to choose from.  You can read the bible in a year, you can choose a devotional for a season in your life.  You can have multiple reading plans that fit where you are.   

3.  Verse of the day -  I can't tell you how often the verse of the day was just what I needed for the day.  It has been powerful and helpful.

4.  Share Verses.  You can highlight verses, take notes on verses and copy verses to take notes while you are listening to a sermon.  Keeping up with your pastor is easy.  I like to use Evernote to take notes and go to the Bible app to copy the verse references made by the pastor.   I have created a workflow that is fast and later in the week I can review the pastor's notes from the sermon.  It makes taking notes in service easy.  

5.  Events - One feature that I find to be under-utilized is the church events tab.  Pastors can put their sermon notes in the events section with key points, Bible references, an outline.   It is a nice feature, but I don't see many people using it.

One thing that is nice but I'm not so sure whether I like it or not is the bible book function to look up verses.  It is all alphabetical on my phone.  It is not separated by Old and New Testament.   It sure makes it easy, but I don't know if it helps when you open a paper bible.  

I give the Youversion Bible App 4.5 stars.




The Bible App For Kids


The final app for this Two Tools Tuesday is the Bible App for kids.  


Again it is available for phones and tablets.  It is created by the same group that produced the Bible App, Life Church.  One Hope has also contributed to making this app available all over the world.   It is a kids bible that is animated and is told in Bible stories.  As you finish a story there is an award for your accomplishments.   You download each story and it can be read to you and you can complete an activity with your children.  You can choose which stories you want to read with your children.  

I also like the fact that they have questions that check for understanding.  That is a nice tool and helpful in working with your kids.  

It is a bible story app.  It contains stories.  As such it is for younger children and not for older kids.   The graphics are great and the stories aren't too long.  However, it is not a verse by verse bible.  It is a collection of Bible Stories with activities.   For younger children it is great.  

You can download the app in the apple store, or the Android Store, or on Amazon.  

I would give the app 3.5 hearts





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